New legislation will be coming into force on the 25th of May 2018 and this impacts all information held by any organisation on any individual. It makes no difference whether it is electronic , on paper or any other medium. It entitles the individual to choose the level of information held about them to the minimum necessary to hold membership of the organisation.

Currently Huntly Writers website  holds members email addresses, and for members and former members photographs, CVs, contact information and examples of writing –  all of which were added by the individual concerned.

With the exception of your photograph members may delete any or all such data held  on them in Members Pages. It will be done for former members on request as will the removal or updating of photos for any current member.

Limited information is held on paper records and in the Minutes of meetings. The former will be revised on request. Minutes are a record of events and may not normally be altered.

Huntly Writers expects to be fully compliant with the legislation before the deadline.