Maureen Ross


Preparatory Purple

It’s a quiet occupation – making blackcurrant jelly.

The rolling boil of summer topped and tailed

slow dripped through muslin, clarified and firmly jelled

in safe confine of shining jars all labelled.


Who would have thought

the stain of summer could be so deep

so intense

so fit for winter.


Originally displayed as part of a Huntly Writers Projection on the Brander Library for NPD 2008

About the Author

Born and brought up in the North-East of Scotland, Maureen Ross has written poetry from early childhood till the present day. Most of it ends up in the bucket. However some of it has seen the light of day in recent years in Pushing Out the Boat and Storm. Koo Press published a chapbook collection of her work Day Moth in November 2006.

She is a member of the Huntly Writers and through the group has been involved in various poetry readings and performances.