Caroline Fowler


winning entry in the Doric section of the Brian Nisbet Poetry Competition 2021                                                                

  Fyles choices that we mak throu life

Kin aft times gar ye greet

Fu weel it’s kent we shape oor sheen

Wi oor ain twa bauchled feet.


Stravaiged mony dreich low roads

Heich mountain taps hiv climbed

Syne, quairtly aince mair reminisce

Cassen weary een o’er time.


Yestreen fan I wis jist a bairn

Saft gentle Simmer breeze

Gran hoosies biggit doon wild wids

Yirdit knees scoort, sclimmin trees.


Ye learn’d real faist, fit’s richt, fit’s wrang

Noo choices…up tae you

Dour halflins aft times blurt things oot

Neist wi age, ca tee their mou.


Yont carefree days seen hytered by

O’er-vrocht thochts in a snorl

Whaur choices taen richt oot yer hans

Fegs…a contermashious worl.


May ilka day be stapp’t wi cheer

An here’s tae fit’s aheid

Hud dear yon choices that ye mak

Canna tak them fan yer deid.



Weel, pollyfilla fills the cracks
o’ wrinkles on ma broo
Thin silver threids upon ma heid
Far gowden hair aince grew.
’Ers nithin beats a twa three dabs
o’ richt strong super glue
The very dunt for keepin
Shooglie falsers in ma moo!
Ah’ve haen tae taen tae shuvin in
yon… ‘chicken fillets’ noo
For nature startit heidin Sooth
n’ gie near oot o view!
A badly need mair beauty sleep
Nae jist an ’oor or two
Am up at scraich o’ day tae wash
Ma face in sparklin’ dew!
Dist mak a diff’rence? Nae one bit
it’s jist the same aul me…
Ower mony fowk get soo-kit in
Wi th’ products on T.V.
Ah’ve tae clart on umpteen lotions
…..nae fae a beautician
I’m laden doon wi Chemist’s bags
Full o’ ammunition!
There’s creams for my Rosacea
Ach yon’s nae a bonny sicht
It looks nae bad hoo-ivver
In th’ middle o’ th’ nicht!

About the Author

Fit like? My name is Caroline Fowler, a Buckie quine. Huntly Writers hiv kindly taen me alow their ‘creative wing’ fyle the Buckie Blethers are haein a wee break. (I jynt the Blethers in 2010 findin writin poetry tae be baith cathartic n therapeutic). Hiv been interested in Doric since a bairn, keen tae keep learnin aboot oor ain Mither Tongue, nae realisin it wid lead tae takin pairt in sic a variety o things. My poems cover the hale spectrum, fae licht hairtit richt throu tae anes that micht gar ye greet.