Leon Stelmach

Lassa Pur Dir

Let them talk, we the  lovers

Star struck, moon mad;

What know we, or care,

Of creed or colour.


Let them talk, of we the lovers

All the long day and night.

The gossips dare not cry desist

Nor have they the right.


Let them talk, of we the lovers.

Who are they to judge?

Amor vincit omnia!

Lasa Pur Dir!

About the Author

After an encouraging start at school where an inspirational teacher, Mr Grubb, praised an essay, creative writing was abandoned to the more mundane business reports and plans.

Now retired, the support of Huntly Writers has encouraged a return to the pen, or more realistically the keyboard. The Writers have a created a fertile and encouraging environment for both poetry and prose.

The Woman from the Ministry is now finished. It is still in need of some severe editing and proofreading but is a novel still a novel if it has not been published?

The second volume is started but currently slow goin