Extract – Ch1 The Beginning –

The door burst open and she walked in, long brown hair dripping wet, spilling out from under her hood as she took a seat. A couple minutes later a tall man ducked in through the doorway, the wind rushed in behind him and made the tartan curtains whip around, he closed the door and took a seat opposite her. The bar was empty apart from me in the corner and an older man sipping whisky at the bar.
“D’ya hae ma money?” The tall man growled, surveying the room, he looked in my direction and I quickly averted my eyes to the fireplace.
“No.” She replied sternly.
“Well I’m nae tellin ya fit ya wanna know. Why’d ya come?”
“Hopin you’d make the right choice.”
The man scoffed. “Ya dinna scare me. Fit’re ya gonna dae?”
She lifted her head slightly and looked at the man but her hood still obscured her face from my view. “Are you threatening me?” She asked quietly.
The man was clearly becoming agitated and glanced around the room as he stood.
She stayed calm. “You should think carefully about what you’re gonna do next. You don’t want to make me your enemy.” She warned.

About the Author

K.M. has lived in Scotland her whole life and is strongly connected to the nature, myths and legends of the land. She has always been fascinated by the mystical and Scottish history, and spent her childhood reading stories and fairytales, visiting castles and exploring Scotland’s wild landscapes. She is a young debut writer looking to enter into the world of fantasy and epic fantasy, from a more inclusive and female orientated place. Despite struggling with dyslexia her whole life and not able to read or write for a long time, she has always enjoyed the world of fantasy. She is now taking the step to pick up the metaphorical pen for herself; and is writing fantasy stories that are deeply rooted within reality, that readers can not only escape to, but really connect with. She hopes to inspire others to follow their passions, no matter the challenges they face and, to help them through the comfort of books, as she did.