Huntly Writers have always supported those who write in Scots, Gaelic and the Doric. Indeed, we have several Doric writers amongst our members, a Gaelic speaker and two members who are learning Gaelic. At the same time, North-East Scotland has a heritage of poetry and literature from George MacDonald, through to poetry anthologies written by local farmers, housewives and fishermen. Huntly Writers themselves have produced a number of anthologies over the years, including ‘The Spirit of the Deveron’, ‘Weaving Words’ and ‘Open with Care’. All books which are available from our local Orb’s Bookshop in the Square in Huntly.

Our aim with this project, will be to encourage, support and facilitate local budding writers; through a series of workshops run in conjunction with local Doric initiatives initiated by Robert Gordon University. With the imposition of Covid restrictions, this project has been put on hold for the time being.