Review of 2022 – 2023 by Annie Lamb

The past year looks a quiet one from the account in the Minutes. This appearance is deceptive, for plenty has taken place: chiefly perhaps the work on our poetry anthology. Alongside that, novels grew longer, some have finished, while others got started and are still being spun. Our year’s output of shorter works might fill […]

Review of 2021-2022 by Annie Lamb

Over the past year, Huntly Writers have contrived to grow without changing our nature. The use of Zoom for meetings has extended the scope of our membership. Meanwhile we continue to focus on individual writers, and to a large extent, on local writing. We welcomed some new members, mentioned below, thanks to the refurbished web […]


SECRETARY’S REVIEW FOR 2016-2017 Once again the year 2016 – 2017 has been a very busy one for HW members, with many events and earlier projects coming to fruition. Our new, vibrant HW website was up and running by the end of June, with a blog; an online shop selling our books; latest news and […]


The year 2015 – 2016 has been a very busy one for HW members, with many projects on the go at the same time. We started the year continuing our collaborative project with local photographer Norma Evans, with Huntly Writers crafting poems to match her evocative landscape pictures. Norma achieved much deserved high marks with […]


In 2014 we moved the timing of our AGM to May to thwart the vagaries of the Scottish winter weather, which had often beset previous AGM meetings. We had a very full year of writing success and exploring new ideas, starting with the news that our ‘Weaving Words Anthology’ had won a runner-up prize in […]

Review of 2013–2014 by Linda Smith

It has been six years since I found myself agreeing to take on the position of Secretary to Huntly Writers and I admit that one of my first thoughts on stepping into the shoes of our previous secretary, Phyllis Goodall, was that it would prove a daunting challenge, as her minutes were always impeccably “literary” […]

Review of 2012 by Linda Smith

2012 proved another bumper year for Huntly Writers. It has become almost a cliché, but every year seems to bring a plethora of successful events, performances and workshops, while an increasing number of members have celebrated the launch of books and collections or had work printed in a variety of publications. We continued to meet […]

Review of 2011 by Linda Smith

Huntly Writers can look back on 2011 with a genuine sense of achievement. The group is flourishing and this session saw members tackle a number of new and exciting challenges, while developing skills as writers and participating in a variety of readings, events and festivals. Our first visitor in 2011 was Peter Liversidge, an artist […]

Review of 2010 by Linda Smith

Despite a somewhat snowy start to the year and the AGM being postponed till 10 February, because of continuing bad weather, this has been a busy and exciting session for Huntly Writers. In Spring, through the Scottish Book Trust scheme, we hosted two workshops: on Sunday 21 March the long-awaited script-writing workshop run by poet […]

Review of 2009 by Linda Smith

Huntly Writers has continued to thrive in 2009. Meetings are characterised by lively discussion and debate and we have been encouraged to try out new forms of writing and new ways of presenting our work. On Wednesday 6th May we put on one of the group’s most successful Wordfringe performances. This entertaining evening of prose, […]