Not There

Not There The solemn rituals of death are past And family and friends now step away. As solitude unchecked beckons at last I face the first of many lonely days. I wander through each room, forever changed Yet with a thousand memories of you And contemplate a future – frightening, strange Without my love, my […]

Lassa Pur Dir

Let them talk, we the  lovers Star struck, moon mad; What know we, or care, Of creed or colour.   Let them talk, of we the lovers All the long day and night. The gossips dare not cry desist Nor have they the right.   Let them talk, of we the lovers. Who are they […]

A Year with my Father

1 In the beginning was my father. I never had any trouble believing in God the father, because I always believed utterly in mine. Like a young gosling I was imprinted on him from birth, from the moment when early in the morning of the day I was born, he battered furiously on the door […]

Indian Summer

Hello Persephone! Is that you standing hidden in the woods Can I have a word in your ear? Persephone! I can see you as the leaves are getting thinner Can I have a word in your stone ear. What’s he like your dark boyfriend He must be anxious now the summer’s lengthening I bet he […]

Shadow of the Seacrow (extract)

‘It is time,’ Wyn said behind them suddenly. Calim was getting tetchy with hunger. Maina nursed him for the final time, not attempting to dry the tears that streamed down her face as she watched him suckle. They walked down to the Morthern gate. Kesh’s horse was tethered and waiting. Wyn skillfully bound Calim in […]

Review of 2011 by Linda Smith

Huntly Writers can look back on 2011 with a genuine sense of achievement. The group is flourishing and this session saw members tackle a number of new and exciting challenges, while developing skills as writers and participating in a variety of readings, events and festivals. Our first visitor in 2011 was Peter Liversidge, an artist […]