Teddy Bear

This is deliberately written to parody A.A.Milne’s famous poem, Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear A bear should not be frozen stiff, unless his home is polar cliff. Residing in suburbia, can one have hypothermia? There is an instance this can be: a wheezy, sneezy childhood plea. The freezer then becomes the norm, in order to destroy […]

We’re just being old people

We’re just being old people. Still people Just being old Old people Being Old beings Being still Just old Still being People Just.   I’ve left out the punctuation as it can be read in many different ways with different pausing – & can even be read backwards.

Fit’s fleein aboot far in October?

Fit’s fleein aboot far in October? Pink-fitted geese, ye say? Foo mony? Forty thoosan? Awa! Far fae? Greenland? Michty!   Fit else is fleein aboot in October? Dyooks, ye say? Nae forty thoosan’ an aa? Mair than a puckle tho? Fit’s at ene wi the pinty tail? A pintail? An at boorach wi the shovel […]

Twenty-seven spots

At first there were three then four… then seven… then eleven… (including my innernose pore) and finally twenty-seven… twenty-seven spots! My life is officially OVER! No concealer will cover these red, bulging white pus oozing, purple peaking mass of twenty-seven spots. My life is officially OVER! Savlon was hopeless, toothpaste the same. Plasters pathetic, listerine […]