On 19th September at 7:30pm in the OAP Hall, Church Street, Huntly, local author Carol Ann welcomes you to a slide presentation and the launch of her latest book. Free Admission and refreshement will be served.

Journey with the author as she follows the clue ‘Shambhalla, Gobi Desert’ to explore sacred landscapes, remote forgotten monasteries and fabled lost cities in Mongolia, ‘The Land of Blue Skies’. Travelling across vast expanses of rolling steppe, high glacial mountains, impenetrable forests and deep crystal lakes in the north; and the Gobi Desert in the south that stretches to the horizon, seemingly empty save for deep canyons and sweeping sand dunes. Will she find the Shamballa of legend; or the location of the fables ‘City of Serpents’ with its shimmering golden palace and magical fortress surrounded and protected by a ring of etheric dragons?….

Hosted by Huntly Writers (www.huintly-writers.co.ok)