On Saturday 3rd September Huntly Writers, Orbs Bookshop and Handmade in Huntly, ran a joint stall at the all day Huntly Hairst. Huntly Writers’ own books were for sale and we had lots of great discussions with passers by about our books and handed out many leaflets inviting people to our book launch in October. In addition the bookstall did a roaring trade in bundles of S/H books, mainly crime, thrillers, biographies and cookery books – any remaining bundles will be taken to Moray College for collection by ‘Book Donors”. The S/H Scottish Interest books sold well and the remaining books have been returned to the bookshop, where they will soon adorn our shelves. Handmade in Huntly had a wonderful collection of crafts that attracted buyers, allowing Jo and her crafters to explain and swap techniques and skills with other like-minded people. Our free book voucher scheme for young children proved very popular – children and parents were given a voucher and invited to go along to the bookshop to pick out a free book from the ‘S/H book box’ – this proved so popular that the bookshop was packed for quite sometime and most of the books disappeared very quickly. This was a great idea to introduce people to our bookshop, as many of them had not even known it had existed before, or, if they did, had not had a reason to visit before. 

A very enjoyable day all round. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped, especially with putting everything up at a very early hour and then taking things down and away at the end of the day.